About Us

Director Board

The company has 3 directors and no reported key management personnel. The directors are Mohammad Shoaib, Mohd Junaid Siddiqui and Mohd Suhail. The longest serving directors currently on board are Mohd Shoaib, Mohd Junaid, Mohd Suhail who were appointed on 01 July, 2015. They have been on the board for 2 years and 10 months. Mohammad Shoaib has the largest number of other directorships with a seat at a total of 2 companies. In total, the company is connected to 1 other companies through its directors.

Who Are We??

Sjs Infrabuild Private Limited is an unlisted private company incorporated on 01 July, 2015. The registered office of the company is at Bagh No.3, Farukhabad Chillawa,Near Amausi Airport Kanpur Road, Sarojini Nagar, Lucknow, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. The last reported AGM (Annual General Meeting) of the company, per our records, was held on 30 September, 2017. Also, as per our records, its last balance sheet was prepared for the period ending on 31 March, 2017. The company has 3 directors/key management personnel.

What We Do??

SRJ Infra Build Pvt. Ltd. a top and best real estate company in Lucknow that has so many properties for sale including farm houses and plots/land in Lucknow by analyzing the increasing demand of properties in Lucknow city. With focus on best planning, attention toward architectural comfort with the latest technology, SRJ Infra Build Pvt. Ltd. in Lucknow to renovate the real estate system; our group of top real estate builders & developers is known for providing efficient housing solutions in best budget prices including, residential plots/land near Amausi Gardens Amausi Road, Kanpur Road, Metro Station.